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Cost Effective

At Chair Thai Massage, we believe that massage is an important component of a healthy lifestyle and want to make it accessible to everybody, so we offer affordable rates for any budget.

100% Satisfaction

If you aren’t satisfied with your massage, please contact us with your feedback. We can’t improve, if we aren’t aware of the situation, so please share your thoughts.

Quality Service

Chair Thai Massage isn’t just massage. It’s a whole traditional healing SYSTEM, based on SEN. Sen are energy lines in our bodies (for you yogis out there, similar to nadis, and for any Chinese medicine folks, also similar to meridians).

Welcome To The Ultimate High Quality Chair Thai Massage!

Looking for a quick and easy way to relax? Chair Thai Massage in Thornton, Colorado has you covered! We specialize in Thai massage and chair massage. In this massage, you just have to sit back and feel your muscle pain go away. We also offer neck, back, and shoulder massage. Get a massage today!

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In today’s fast-paced world, the balance between work and personal life has been disrupted. Don’t fall into thinking that you have to constantly move and work 24/7 to achieve your dreams. Rest is part of your progress too.

Your Everyday Retreat

Our mission is to provide you with convenient, cost-efficient, and quality Thai massage services. Count on us to pay close attention to your needs so we can meet your needs and achieve your 100% satisfaction.
*During sessions, please note that clients are fully clothed.

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What our happy customers say:

Man rarely acknowledge how much they love to get a massage… But I want to say, that without my afterwork Friday massage sessions here, my productivity would’ve been so much lower…
Rhode Gentlebear

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